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are you ready to sign clients with ease using the sales secrets that no one is telling you?!

Sound like your brain? Well, I have another question for you…

Forget how ‘she’ is selling.

How has she got 54 sticky notes with names on that wall?!

Why are so many people DMing her saying “I’m in”?!

Is there some big secret everyone knows but me?!

Do you ever catch yourself wondering:

Or maybe you feel like signing clients at the moment is hit and miss and there's no real strategy so you're feeling things are unpredictable and out of your control?

Perhaps something about making sales gives you the ick and even though you know it's an essential part of business, you're still feeling some sales themed resistance? 

How are you selling?

Either way, you're at the point in your business where you're ready to face sales head on and become someone who loves making sales and does it with ease (hey constant stream of clients!)

But the process of making a sale?

Whew, that’s a whole other skill, and one you haven’t quite perfected.

I want you to listen up because:


The idea that some people are naturally good at sales is damaging AF and the reality is that sales is a skill.

A skill that I’m going to teach you.

So fasten your seatbelts because I’ve got something juicy for you.

let's face it, you're badass at what you do!

and the waitlist to get your hands on it is now open!

implementation weeks & feedback

voxer community for support

eight weekly modules released

What to expect

bonus training for your (future) team

feel good $ales club

And to be honest, I don't want that for me either! So rather than giving discounts, I'm including an incredible bonus that will ACTUALLY help you on this journey and allow you to scale your sales process long term.

i don't want that for you

But I don't want you to have to discount your offers in order to make sales. Not only do you not NEED to, but did you know that research has proven that offering discounts can actually negatively impact your brand in the long run?

I'd probably be teaching you to do the same

My waitlist bonus is not a discount. Uh-oh. Yep. No discounts over here. Because here's the thing. I practise what I preach and I want to share my methods with you. So that means if I offer a discount to get you on the waitlist:

lets address the elephant in the room

Why join the waitlist? Bonus, baby!

bonus: social seller training for your team

It's important that you learn how to make sales within your business, but if you're planning on growing and scaling, chances are you will hire someone to do this for you in future (or maybe you already have someone on board?)

But having to take someone through everything you've learnt? That takes a lot of time.

So as a waitlist bonus I'm including a plug and play SOP as well as a mini-course specifically recorded for team members so that in future, they can make sales on your behalf using the same methods.

WORTH £999

I was a freelancer for 5 years before being inspired (aka forced by redundancy) to start my own virtual assistant business. I grew that into an agency and started Virtually Done which led to me earning 6 figures in less than 2 years.

What got me there? The simple answer = SALES.

But I was soooo far from the sales-person stereotype.

I even got fired from my first job because I sucked at sales.

(I give you one guess as to how that business is doing now!)

I had no sales qualifications, experience or knowledge.

So how did I do it?

I realised that my freelance experience + building a service based business + years spent mentoring + psychology degree and masters = a unique way of selling that was different from what everyone else was doing.

And now I want to share it with you.

Yep, you.

Hi, I'm Jemma!

What in the world do I know?!


"Jemma teaches modern sales in a way that's in alignment with your business values and individual to you."


"The best part is that it all felt effortless! I have better energy when I show up online and on discovery calls. I also now have a plan!"


"Jemma is one of the most genuine people I've met online. If you want to grow your online business in a way that feels aligned & is sustainable, then Jemma is your girl - no doubt! Her guidance and support is backed by substance, integrity, and a passion for what she does."