working together 1:1 is perfect for those of you who desire to be supported as you grow.

No one needs 1:1 and 1:1 support isn't something that you should only look into when you're in those "holy cow idk wtf I'm doing, I hate it all, and I'm borderline giving up because what's the point" moments. I mean, I've definitely supported people in that position BUT you don't need to get there before you invest in the support. This is also one of the reasons I don't speak to pain points in my marketing. I don't want you to invest in my support out of desperation. I want you to invest out of excitement and that feeling of "I trust myself and I'm ready". Come into the relationship curious and ready to get shit done and I'll meet you there. When I say that I'm blessed with THE dreamiest soul mate clients who I look forward to catching up with and have so much fun hanging out with, I truly mean that. If you think we might be a good fit, keep reading!

"Working with Jemma helped me to cement a plan for a business pivot that feels both sustainable and mega exciting! I also feel way more in alignment and have everything I need in place to build my business from an aligned place that works with my personal and business values. And most importantly, Jemma made this entire process feel very easy!

The biggest win isn't a concrete tangible one, but for me, it's feeling excited about my business again and being reminded that my business can be whatever I make it.

Investing in yourself can be a very scary thing to do, but I'm so glad I took the leap and Jemma made the whole process feel easy, fun and relaxed. She will help you feel more confident in your business and is the exact opposite of aggressive and full on business coaches."

caitlin @caitlinthecreative


how i work

I will:
Cheerlead you as you experience the ups and downs.
Support you with a mix of strategy and mindset.
Share my experience, failures, wins & stories.
Be 100% honest and open about my own journey.
Help you design a business that works for your individuality.
Encourage you to be the you-est version of you.
Send you memes that make me think of you.
Have an endless list of book recommendations (I'm basically a library).

I won't:
Tell you exactly what to do, I don't want you to be co-dependent obvs.
Only give you ONE way of doing things (aka my way or nothing).
Judge you or tell you that your dreams are too big.
Be an ass.


Jemma is one of the most genuine people I've met online. If you want to grow your online business in a way that feels aligned & is sustainable, then Jemma is your girl - no doubt! Her guidance and support is backed by substance, integrity, and a passion for what she does and I already miss having her energy in my Voxer every day!


I was really nervous about our call but Jemma put me right at ease and seemed to completely understand where I was coming from with pretty much everything I shared with her.


I really felt a connection with Jemma because she is so open and honest about the good and the bad things, and a calm person as well. I feel like I don't have to pretend to be someone else. She is super successful being who you she, so maybe I can be too?


full 1:1 package

If you're ready to go all in, I'm waiting for you! My full 1:1 package is like having me by your side whenever you need me. I'll be there to support you through all the ups and downs. This is the Spanx of mentoring packages!

What's included:
Zoom calls on your terms (up to 1 per week)
Daily support in Voxer 9-5, M-F
Google Drive folder to share brain dumps, receive feedback etc
Access to monthly live trainings inside The Hub

Investment from £2250


kathryn - @kmandco._

During the time I worked with Jemma, I was able to grow my business from just me (Very overworked and had zero boundaries) to having 3 associates and have since been able to take a step back and no longer work weekends unless I want to. When I look back to December, I realise how much has changed since before I started with Jemma, and I couldn't be happier.

I would 100% recommend it. I spent quite a bit of time looking for the right coach/mentor and as soon as I had a call with Jemma, I knew straight away I needed her in my life! I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you helped me with over the course of the 3 months we were working together. I loved knowing that you were there if I ever had any issues or wasn't sure of anything. I have been able to take a step back over the past month and focus mainly on my clients. I am now invoicing for around 5k each month and apart from the odd issue here and there, it's been an absolute delight!

This has now created space for me to think about what I want to do next, so no doubt I will be in touch shortly to have you by my side :)

emma @eg_virtualservices

I was happy in my business, but I knew I had so much more in me to progress and create something alongside my VA Business. If I hadn’t worked with Jemma I would not have believed in myself to go ahead with my plans! I would have continued to doubt myself and not think the idea was not good enough, let alone to be something successful!

From my first call to the final one with Jemma, the confidence in my business and personal/home life is huge!

Even if it feels a little uneasy at first, do it! The results, benefits and overall outcome will be huge. Jemma will encourage, support, guide and back you in your decisions. I loved Jemma's approach, she knew I knew the answers, but needed that encouragement/accountability to action them.


My VA business was fully booked, but I wanted Jemma's help with transitioning to become a VA Coach and to help me map out my business plan. I've gained SO much clarity on the direction that I want to go in and how to market my biz. I haven't even properly shared my 1:1 coaching offer, but I've already got people interested.

Jemma is amazing and investing in her will definitely leverage your biz! Cannot recommend her enough.

voxer only package

Whether you're just not a Zoom kinda person, or have a busy life and like to be supported on the go, Voxer only mentoring is just as powerful as my full package but lives in  your pocket Zoom free.

What's included:
Daily support in Voxer 9-5, M-F
Google Drive folder to share brain dumps, receive feedback etc
Access to monthly live trainings inside The Hub

Investment from £1500


mentoring on the go

"When I came to Jemma at the beginning of the month, I was working 10 hour days, I had no real processes in place and I was playing small. With Jemma's advice, I overhauled my communication system and raised my prices. (Yes I lost 4 clients) But I feel good about this clean slate and trust that I can now rebuild a business that is sustainable, enjoyable and for the long term.

Jemma has a wealth of knowledge and approaches any question with kindness and practicality. She gives amazing advice and made me feel really comfortable in being open and honest about my struggles."

ash @evolve_virtualsupport

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