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Virtually Done was born in 2019 when I had my full circle moment and started business mentoring (after first working as a mentor back when I was 18).  Through Virtually Done, I primarily work with service-based business owners who have a strong online presence (Instagram is my jam) and a strong desire to grow while still loving what they do.

I support business owners on their journey by helping them simplify their strategy and master their mindset so that they can grow and scale to their next level while having fun and having an impact on the lives of others (oh and making good money too of course!)

One of my favourite offers is 1:1 support because I'm a long-term, close-knit relationship kinda girl but I also run Service Pro to CEO (my signature programme), free trainings and my membership The Hub. Plus I have a podcast called the Virtually Done Podcast (inventive, I know) and send a weekly email called Dear Diary that goes BTS showing what it's really like to run a business.


“ I was really struggling to get clients and felt pulled in a million directions at once, trying to keep all the marketing plates spinning so I could finally make that elusive sale! I'd just signed my first client, but felt unconfident and unsure how to go forward.

In two weeks working together, I signed two clients (with a potential third and fourth!) and actually doubled my income goal for the month - the best part is that it all felt effortless! I have better energy when I show up online and on discovery calls. I also now have a plan of how I'm going to grow and scale my business, something that was literally unthinkable to me a few weeks ago.

I'm so excited to implement everything that Jemma has taught, the difference in my mindset before and after only confirms that I did the right thing in signing up”





Some of my clients have described my 1:1 mentoring as magic, while others have described it as similar to being on drugs. Either way, it's transformative, powerful and going to change your life.

I love what I do and I put my all into supporting my clients because I truly adore it, it's that simple!

I've been mentoring for 9 years and have 11 years of freelancing/side hustling/business owning experience, plus a masters in psychology (we don't talk about how much I paid for that lol). In short, I know what I'm talking about AND I care and your success. It's a magical combo!

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Jemma helped me shift from my mood being directly correlated with business results, to feeling happy & grateful for my business and the impact I am making every single day - and this is the biggest shift for me. Jemma won’t give you any of the glossy ‘hustle’ talk, but she will help you grow a business you love.


I actually see now that it doesn't have to be done in the way it was in my head, I don't have to show up all corporate and put on a 'business face'. I can actually be myself, it's my business so I can run it how I like and I don't need to be someone I think the client wants me to be. It was such a mindset game changer, and teamed with the psychology element Jemma brought into it, it totally aligned with who I am as a person and how I work. It all just made complete sense.


I have regained my confidence and belief in myself and re-ignited my passion for my business. I've realised that I am more than capable of running a successful business and I deserve (like we all do) to live life on my own terms. So thank you for helping me restore confidence in myself and my abilities. No more playing small!

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New episodes are uploaded every Friday (but also don't hold me to that lol) and it's perfect for you if you like a mix of solo episodes with actionable, implementable takeaways and interviews with business owners at all stages from brand new, to multi 7 figures.

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"When I started, I had two clients that I was working crazy amount of hours for at only £10 per hour. Now, I have 6 IDEAL clients, who pay me what I am worth. I have three associates and more time for me! Invest in Jemma, you won't regret it. My transformation in just 3 months was huge and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Jemma is so lovely and nothing I asked was a problem. She made me feel really comfortable and I truly loved working with her."

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