The time is


follow your passion 
and create the life and business you truly deserve

follow your passion 
and create the life
and business you 
truly deserve


I’m the face behind Virtually Done, a transformative business geared toward service-providers just like you who are ready to bring their dreams into reality. The way I work offers a blend of psychology, strategy and mindset work that has brought amazing results for myself and my clients.

My entrepreneurial journey started at 16 when I stumbled across a freelance site and culminated in 2019 when I combined my mentoring experience, psychology education and love of business to create a business that reached six figures by its second year. Yep, that was Virtually Done!

I now get to spend my days in my seaside home supporting incredible entrepreneurs as they navigate ups and downs of business while working on my other passions, like writing for a psychology magazine, in my spare time.

My goal is to show you that it's possible to create the business of your dreams that supports the lifestyle you desire and support you as you take steps toward that goal because I know first hand how intense those ups and downs can feel.

Hi, I'm Jemma!

Maybe you’re feeling…

Unsure of what strategy to follow in order to create the abundance and success you want

Overwhelmed because you are so busy and don’t know what to prioritize or focus on

In love with your work but aren’t sure how to move forward without making sacrifices

Completely exhausted due to burnout and aren’t seeing the results you want or deserve

Tired of being underestimated and undervalued because people don’t see your potential

Imagine feeling…

Aligned with a strategy that makes you feel empowered, in-flow and excited

Focused and organized because you know what your priorities are within your business

Able to run your business without sacrificing the things you love to do in your life

Energized and motivated in your work while attracting your dream clients and results

Empowered in your potential and radiating it out into the world with confidence and ease


Lets work together!

My 1:1 mentoring is the most high-touch way we can work together. Through it, I am able to support you and hold the space for your transformation as you overcome any blocks, find a strategy that works for you, embody your next level and find true success within your business!

1:1 Mentoring

My courses and programmes offer a transformative way to start, grow and scale your business in a way that feels good for you while simultaneously getting the results you desire! Join a group programme where you can surround yourself with a like-minded community or take my course and tackle it in your own time!

Courses & Programmes

Love letters from my clients

Jemma helped me shift from my mood being directly correlated with business results, to feeling happy & grateful for my business and the impact I am making every single day - and this is the biggest shift for me. Jemma won’t give you any of the glossy ‘hustle’ talk, but she will help you grow a business you love.

– Freya, Money Coach @thewellnesswallet

I have regained my confidence and belief in myself and re-ignited my passion for my business. I've realised that I am more than capable of running a successful business and I deserve (like we all do) to live life on my own terms. So thank you for not only all the amazing sales teachings in the course but helping me restore confidence in myself and my abilities.

– Tonia 

During bootcamp, I signed two clients (with a potential third and fourth!) and actually doubled my income goal for the month - the best part is that it all felt effortless! I have better energy when I show up online and on discovery calls.

– Caitlin, Virtual Assistant